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MissMarshmallow's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 72 (From 12 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,115 Points

Apples in the Tree

Skull Beneath the Skin Unlocked 6/27/13
10 Points
Wear the Vic Rattlehead mask
Children of the Grave 5 Points Reach the graveyard
Coward 5 Points Just leave
Dreamer 10 Points You dream your life away
Mrs Nice Girl 25 Points You are such a sweet sweet thing
When You're Evil 25 Points Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need
Goodnight Demon Slayer 50 Points Slay 20 demon bastards
Smashing Pumpkins 50 Points Just smash EVERY single pumpkin
Tornado of Souls 50 Points Escape the Tornado of Souls
Fan Number 1 100 Points Get an autograph from Ozzy

Medals Earned: 1/10 (10/330 points)

Fear Less!

Out Fox Unlocked 4/5/14
5 Points
pretty easy: pop 20 foxes
All of the Things Unlocked 4/5/14
10 Points
moderate: buy all upgrades
The Grass is Greener Unlocked 4/5/14
10 Points
tricky: run 500m in a single run
Sweet Dreams 25 Points pretty hard: collect all medals and defeat the nightmare (don't worry, you don't need nightmare game)
Nightmare Game 50 Points insanely hard: find sunshine with less than 20 coins in your bank. erase all data in options to try again!

Medals Earned: 3/5 (25/100 points)

Gretel and Hansel

Baby Steps Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Make Gretel walk for the first time.
Slingshot Breakfast Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Obtain the slingshot
Honey Horror Unlocked 11/26/14
10 Points
Get Bee Death
Sucked Dry Unlocked 11/26/14
10 Points
Get Spider Death
Time is Running Out Unlocked 11/26/14
10 Points
Get the clock
Here is Mommy! Unlocked 11/26/14
25 Points
Get Axe Death
Kain Unlocked 11/26/14
25 Points
Kill Hansel
Kiss That Cyuke Unlocked 11/26/14
25 Points
Get Rabbit Death
Pecking Order Unlocked 11/26/14
25 Points
Get Crow Death
Pest Removal Unlocked 11/26/14
25 Points
Trap the squirrel
Clockspert Unlocked 11/26/14
50 Points
Solve clock puzzle
Get Stoned Unlocked 11/26/14
50 Points
Get all 10 stones
Pop, Rock and Drop It Unlocked 11/26/14
50 Points
Drop all ten stones
Bitch Slap 10 Points Shoot mom in the face
Electra Complex 25 Points Get Dad Carriage Death
Gretel Unit 25 Points Take 200 shots with the slingshot
The Flamer 25 Points Get Fire Death
Grimm Master 100 Points Get all 10 deaths

Medals Earned: 13/18 (315/500 points)

Gretel and Hansel Part 2

Bad Doggy Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Race the wolf... and lose
Between a Rock and a Hard Rock Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Get crushed
Big Brother Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Rescue Gretel
Birdie Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Free Bird Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Teach hansel how to fly
Frosty Impaler Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Be too greedy
Gut Busting Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Step on the trap
Metal Meal Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Get Hansel to eat the scissors
Never Hit an Old Man Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Disrespect your elders
Saviour Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Keep both dinner guests alive
Sensory Overload Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Reveal the bridge
Slayer Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Slay the beast
Spiked Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Get the pit death
Ssssssurprise! Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Try and cross the swamp without Hansel
Swan Dive Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Go for a swim
Weather Master Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Solve the weather puzzle
Where's My Arm? Unlocked 11/26/14
5 Points
Pet the teddy
A Trusty Hat Unlocked 11/26/14
10 Points
Give Rufus back his hat
A Woman's Tears Unlocked 11/26/14
10 Points
Free Emma
Till Part 3... Unlocked 11/26/14
10 Points
Complete the game
Got Wood? 5 Points Suffer the stickman's wrath
Here Doggy! 5 Points Give a dog a bone
Revenge 5 Points Beat a dead horse
Snip Snip 5 Points Get cut
Grimm Master 2 25 Points Beat the game after getting all the deaths
Headless Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Liberal Animation Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Sorceress Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Your Head Essplode! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Holy Shhhhhh Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 20/30 (115/190 points)

Haunt the House

Nobody Home Unlocked 8/12/13
5 Points
Scare all the people out of the house
Spirit Level Unlocked 8/12/13
10 Points
Reach maximum atmosphere
Mass Hysteria Unlocked 8/12/13
25 Points
Freak out 5 people at once
The Final Curtain 10 Points Cause 10 suicides
Nine Tenths of the Law 50 Points Possess every item
Swinging Party 50 Points All lights swinging at once
Spice of Life 100 Points Use every possessable ability
Shoot for the Moon Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 3/8 (40/300 points)

Lab of the Dead

Default Of The Dead Unlocked 4/11/14
5 Points
Discover 5 neutral reactions.
That's No Gimmick Unlocked 4/11/14
5 Points
Use 1 appropriate item.
I Make Things Happen Unlocked 4/11/14
10 Points
Do a total of 50 actions.
Bloated Equals Happy Unlocked 4/12/14
25 Points
Feed 20 pounds of food to your specimen.
Taking It Easy Unlocked 4/12/14
25 Points
Discover 5 passive reactions.
Expiration Date Reached 5 Points Terminate 5 specimens.
Animal Cruelty 25 Points Kill 10 animals with your research.
Bad Behavior 25 Points Discover 5 aggressive reactions.
Getting To Know You 25 Points Fully research 1 specimen.
I Know What You Like 25 Points Use 1 preferred item.
Know How To Use It 25 Points Fully research 10 items.
We Must Amputate! 25 Points Cut 1 limb from your specimen.
Wigglin' Time! 25 Points Cut 4 limbs from your specimen.
A True Scientist 50 Points Research all the techniques at least once.
J-J-J-Jaw Breaker! 50 Points Find all the ways to rip the specimen's jaw off.
Labor Intensive 50 Points Do a total of 1000 actions.
Laid Back 50 Points Discover 40 passive reactions.
Master Chef 50 Points Try all the food items.
Star Pupil 50 Points Discover 5 advanced reactions.
Temper Tantrum 50 Points Discover 40 aggressive reactions.
This And That 50 Points Try all the objects.
Weapons Expert 50 Points Try all the weapons.
Bub Would Be Proud 100 Points Discover 30 advanced reactions.
Dr. Frankenstein 100 Points Reach 100% on your total completion statistic.
Methodical Deconstruction 100 Points Find all the ways to kill or incapacitate the specimen.

Medals Earned: 5/25 (70/1,000 points)


Love Always Remains Unlocked 11/15/14
25 Points
Take the easy way out.
Whyyyyy? Unlocked 11/15/14
25 Points
Kinghood suxx
Eternity Unlocked 11/15/14
50 Points
Grab your piece of eternal kingship
Party In The Dungeon 25 Points That's quite a busy reign

Medals Earned: 3/4 (100/125 points)

Nothing To Hide

BE SOMEBODY Unlocked 3/8/14
5 Points
Run away, and begin your escape.
Self Surveillance Unlocked 6/17/14
10 Points
Complete the "Moving iEye" levels
Support & Share 5 Points Support us, or share this satire of social media on social media.
Slidewalking 25 Points Complete the "Slidewalk" levels
An Act of Activation 50 Points Complete the "Activating iEye" levels
BE NOBODY 100 Points Yay, you completed the whole demo! You dissident!

Medals Earned: 2/6 (15/195 points)

October Game Jam

A Can named Jerry Unlocked 8/2/13
5 Points
Pick up some fuel
Girly Tantrum Unlocked 8/2/13
5 Points
Be possessed by the warped little girl
Gotta Get Going Unlocked 8/2/13
5 Points
Pick up your Keys
Rough Boys Play Unlocked 8/2/13
5 Points
Be possessed by the warped little boy
Battery Powered 5 Points Pick up a battery
Meticulous Planning 10 Points Find a Map
Slender Mode 50 Points Beat the game and unlock 'Slender Mode'

Medals Earned: 4/7 (20/85 points)

Phantasy Slut Nassandra

Medals Earned: 1/0 (0/0 points)